Crime Consultative Committee (CCC)
Crime Consultative Committee (CCC)

The Crime Consultative Committee of Hwange consists of members of the community who come together to help the Zimbabwe Republic Police to combat crime. Community takes the leading role with a community leader being the Chairperson presiding over all meetings.

The main goal of the committee is to discussion crime related activities in the area and to implement strategies to mitigate or alleviate crime.

Crime Consultative Committees have been formed at a substantial number of police stations in Zimbabwe to provide a forum for sharing information and formulation of crime fighting strategies between the police and the public. The committee is meant to bring together the police and the community to discuss issues of mutual concern and provide the police with the opportunity to explain the rationale of their actions and approach. To ensure the committees, are effective and credible:

1. The organisation and the control of the committee should not be in the hands of the police, although that may be required in its formative stages.

2. It should reflect as far as possible, the community it represents, including not only those who live within the area, but those who serve it through the local politics, social agencies e.t.c. Where crime committees have been formed crime figures have gone down significantly. The objective behind this programme is to enhance the capacity of all stakeholders and make them understand deeper the crime situation in their respective areas. They hold meetings with the police once a month where they share ideas, putting in place crime reduction strategies.

Traditional leaders Opinion leaders Community leaders and the Business community Government Departments and Non Governmental Organisations

Constant flow of information that assists in fighting crime. Community involvement in the fight against crime and the reduction of crime. Builds confidence between the Police and the Public.

Organisation and Structures
Stations can adopt the ward and Section structures to harmonise operations of the Crime Consultative Committees. The meetings of these committees are to be chaired by the Chairperson and Officer in Charge of that particular area will be the Secretary. Other members are drawn from the community and these should include the Chief Warden at Station level. Each Station should have one overall Crime consultative Committee that draws its membership from the various ward Crime Consultative Committees.

April committee minutes

The following list of contacts has been made available for emergency contact purposes:

Constable Msindazi: +263 775026199
Constable Damba: +263 777306969

Constable Gumi: +263 771387742
Constable Madyauta

Constable Tagwirei: +263 775121905

Constable Nyathi:

Constable Musiiwa: +263 772884587
Constable Nhau: +263 779054268

Constable Ncube: +263 779992448
Constable Makumire: +263 774880450

Constable Mhlanga: +263 777646352
Constable Misi: +263 782614196

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) suggestion boxes can be found at the following locations: 

• Cross  Dete, near the Total Fuel Station
• Dete Clinic
• Dete Compound Business Centre
• Gwayi Business Centre


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