Hwange tourism looking to recover after vaccines

Hwange tourism looking to recover after vaccines

May 02, 2021

Zimbabwe (Hwange) – Tourism in Zimbabwe is bound to recover in 2021 after a reduction of Covid-19 restrictions by the country’s government and the implementation of a nationwide vaccination campaign.

In an effort to ensure Zimbabwe is a safe destination for travelers, the majority of the Hwange area tourism employees and Hwange National Park staff are being vaccinated to protect against Covid-19. The Hwange area vaccination campaign began on April 7th, 2021, with 220 tourism sector employees arriving at the Painted Dog Conservation Centre to receive vaccinations on the very first day. This along with the widespread vaccination efforts taking place across the country bring further hope to Zimbabwe’s tourism industry.

This has been a huge collaboration between the Hwange area tourism stakeholders, Zimbabwe's Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality, the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) and Zimbabwe's Ministry of Health and Child Care, which has been vaccinating the tourism workforce for free.

We've seen a tremendous response with hundreds of tourism employees being vaccinated each day over the period when the Ministry of Health medical team has been our area” said Elisabeth Pasalk, Chairperson for the Association for Tourism Hwange (ATH).

Tourism in the area is concentrated around Hwange National Park, which is Zimbabwe’s largest national park and forms part of the KAZA TFCA - the largest transfrontier conservation area in the world. Hwange is home to one of Africa’s largest elephant populations on the African continent and is a popular travel destination for tourists and tour groups seeking authentic wildlife encounters.

Tourism operators in the area say they hope the worst of the pandemic is over and that the world will soon returning to normal – making the return of travelers from around the world possible once more.

About the Association for Tourism Hwange: The Association for Tourism Hwange is the official tourism marketing organisation for the Hwange region. We will grow a strong and supportive membership and undertake a range of activities including promoting cooperation between private and public sector; managing domestic and international campaigns; hosting regional events; capacity building for community and tourism development with a focus on conservation, environmental and sustainability initiatives that continue to build the tourism spend in the region.


View photos from the vaccination campaign in our Hwange Tourism Vaccination Campaign.

Further media enquiries, contact Elisabeth Pasalk, info@explorehwange.com